Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Last night we went to our ward's trunk or treat. Actually, three wards combined to make a TRI-ward trunk or treat party. Vienna wanted to be Snow White and use the cute dress and shoes that mom and dad gave her for her birthday. So in the day I put sponge curlers in her hair. When it was time to get ready, I put make up on her and took the curlers out. Then I sprayed her hair black. That stuff is messy and she couldn't even touch her hair or it turned everything black. It took us three washes after the party to get it out! Anyways, then I put a big red bow in her hair and she put on her dress and shoes. Clark wanted to be a clown but he didn't want the make up, so I spiked his hair. Jaron threw on his Austrian costume and I grabbed his work stuff to make a construction worker costume and off we went. There was a great turn out. We decorated our trunk. Jaron stayed with the van while I took the kids around. It was fun to see members of our ward. When we were done they had hot dogs and nachos. Then they had a parade/costume contest. I told Vienna and Clark to hold hands and wave to people. They marched around and around and had so much fun. When they were done, they announced the winners. There were so many kids and tons of cute costumes that I didn't think we would win. Plus, there were tons of princesses. Well they gave out four awards. When they got to the cutest costume, they announced, "The winner is Snow White, the taller one. We think the shorter one was so cute, but it's the taller one." Well, I wasn't sure if Vienna was the taller one, so I didn't do anything. Jaron kept saying, "Joni, that's Vienna." I didn't want to disappoint her by bringing her up but then her not being the winner. So the judges looked around at Vienna and pointed at her and told her she was the winner. I ran and got her from the parade and she went to the stage and got a certificate and a big candy box. When she jumped to me off of the stage, I lifted her up so the whole audience could see her. When I did, she lifted her arms above her head, clenching her fists in celebration. She did the whole Rocky-at-the-top-of the-hill pose. Jaron said it was really funny. She definitely performs in front of an audience. We were so proud of her for winning. It was such a fun night. I know it is a lot of work for activity committees but we loved it!
Here is our Snow White, The Cutest Costume Winner.
Her hair looked like the real thing. I even had someone ask if it was a wig.
Here is our cute little clown. He would squeeze his nose and say, "Honk Honk."
Here is our Austrian.

Here is our trunk and my creative construction worker costume.

This week we went to a really fun pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast.
Here the kids rode a train around the pumpkin patch. They were too cute.
We carved pumpkins on Thursday night.
Vienna was so excited to carve!

Jaron was a good dad and helped out.

Vienna and Clark showing off their pumpkins.
We have had the most fun celebrating Halloween.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lemonade for Sale

Vienna wanted a toy from the Disney Store but she was $15 short.  I suggested she try to earn some money and she decided to have a lemonade stand.  So Jaron made some yummy lemonade and I made a sign.  We set up shop and soon the air was filled with Vienna's cries of, "Lemonade! Come get some Lemonade."  She made $20 in about an hour and a half.  With that good of profit, we might turn this into a business!  (Child services would probably get called, so maybe not a good idea.)
Here is Vienna selling some lemonade to a neighbor.
So I have been trying the book called "Deceptively Delicious" where you sneak vegetable purees into the family's food.  Here are my beet purees ready for the freezer.
Here are some pink pancakes, with beet purees in it.  Guess what?  The beets make the pancakes better!  The kids love them.  I will never go back to plain white pancakes!

Clark is pretty happy about pink Mickey Mouse pancakes.