Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stinson Beach

My sister Stalee and her girls came to visit the week of Memorial Day.  We had so much fun.  The thing we loved most was going to Stinson Beach.  Here are some pictures of our fun time there.

Clark loved the sand!
Vienna posing--she loves to wink!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For Mother's Day, Jaron gave me Wicked tickets.  I was so excited to see this!  It is playing in San Francisco.  My sisters saw this in New York and ever since I have been dying to go.  My sister Stalee decided to come for a visit and watch the kids while we went.  I loved having my sister and kids here.  We went to the beach twice, San Francisco for the day, and the Marina near my apartment.  She is one of my best friends and I loved having her visit.

We left for Wicked a little before 5 on Saturday. Stalee helped me get dressed and helped puff my hair. I wore high heels with capri slacks and Jaron wore a suit. We rode into San Francisco on the train. Jaron had made reservations at a nice restaurant across the street from the Theater. When we stepped off the train we were in a very rough part of town. We were quickly asked for money. We walked to a nice Hotel where the restaurant was. We were seated near an old man playing on a Grand Piano. All of the lights were low. It was very fancy and very romantic. They gave us our menus. I looked at Jaron and said that I could not remember going somewhere to eat where I didn't know what was on the menu, all these fancy words! So I ordered the chicken and Jaron got the Salmon. Our food came out looking like a masterpiece. It was all so fancy and so good. My chicken had grilled asparagus and noodles. It was so yummy. Jaron's Salmon was amazing. We both had dessert and left quite satisfied. We went to the theater and it was beautiful. The details in all of the designs were amazing.
When the music started I got chills. The orchestra was amazing. The lights and the set was amazing. The actors were perfect. We were so close we could see the spit coming from their mouths. The woman who played Glinda had played that part on Broadway and was really good. When the scene of "Defying Gravity" came on I was mesmerized. I clapped harder than I have ever clapped after that song. The guy sitting next to me was alone. He had come with a brother, but there seats weren't together. But the entire time, he would look over at me when anything amazing happened. He must have enjoyed seeing my excited face over everything. I was happy he not only could watch the show but could watch me enjoying the show. 
Wicked was amazing.  Going to Wicked was one of the best nights of my life. It was great. Jaron and I can't wait to go back. We live here, so we might as well see it twice!  I have thought about it, dreamt about it, and sung the music all weekend! I am so grateful to a husband who paid a ton of money and gave me a great night out. That will be a hard Mother's Day present to beat! 
On Monday we decided to go to the beach. Jaron had missed out on the days we went with Stalee. We had a nice time. We built sand castles and Vienna and I ran through the waves. Our beaches a lot of times have a lot of fog, but I think it makes them mysterious and romantic. I love being so close to the ocean. Jaron said he thought I was a beach bum because I love it so much. We are having a lot of fun living here!