Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Baby is TWO!

On Thursday it was Clark's birthday. I tried to make it the best day for him. We made cakes, had baths, took a long nap, played out side tons, got Little Caeser's pizza and ate it at a park, and ended the night with a party. Vienna made sure everything happened, even duck, duck, goose. It was a fun day. Clark got a train from mom and dad. We gave him CARS, and a semi truck. It was a fun day. 
I can't believe my baby is two. Time has gone fast these last two years. Clark is such a joy for me. He is so loving and loves to cuddle. He wants me to hold him and kiss him. On the other hand, he is so wild. He wants to wrestle and runs around crazy. He loves dinosaurs, balls, cars, and trains. He likes to climb and jump. He always wants to do what he sees other kids do. He is an observer. He will often stand and watch what others are doing. He is a collector of things. Often times he is walking around the house in dress up shoes, bags on his arms, and his arms full of things. He is constantly going and moving. He doesn't watch tv, but is always walking around looking for something to do. He loves his sister Vienna. He loves playing with her and she can make him laugh harder than anyone. He is talking so much and is constantly singing! All in all, I love every bit of him. He is my little boy and I love being his mommy! I am so grateful he came to me two years ago. I would choose him every time! 
Clark with his basketball cake!
My parents gave Clark this train.  It's been really fun.
Jaron and I gave him this car transporter and CARS cars.  He wouldn't take his eyes off of it long enough for a picture!

Jaron's mom made Clark this quilt.  It is so bright and cute.  The dinosaurs have really fun faces.  We are lucky to have a grandma who is so talented!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oakland Zoo

This last Saturday we spent the day at the Oakland Zoo.  It was such a great zoo!  The kids had a blast!  Here are a few pics from our day!
Here are my three favorite people playing at the Zoo kids play area.
Here's my home girl!  She loves to wear her hat like that!
This is Vienna's favorite ride!  Me, not so much.  I get so sick with going round and round and round!
The kids absolutely loved this ride!  Their faces say it all!
This is blurry, but I loved Clark's face.  He was having so much fun!

The kids liked this ride, but couldn't figure out how to get it to go high.  You had to pull the stick really hard to make it fly.  They had fun anyways!