Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stitches & Bikes

Here's the damage.  Two inner stitches, Four outer stitches, and one big scar front and center.  Could it have been anywhere else?   Oh, Well...
We bought the kids new bikes.  Vienna is so tall she had to get the bigger size bike.  She loves that it is purple!

Clark is our little wild child on his new bike.  He just pedals fast and turns quick.  He has fallen once and we were happy he had on his helmet.   I hope I can survive a boy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, it happened again. I am now an experienced mother who has lived through 3 times going to get stitches. Yesterday I was doing laundry and Vienna asked if she could come too. So she walked down the outside stairs that I hate so badly. She was almost to the bottom when she tripped and fell into a ceramic flower pot that was at the bottom. She looked up at me and had a large cut on her forehead, the exact spot of Clark's scar. My first thought was, Oh, that needs stitches. My second, my kids will have matching scars. Clark got stitches a year ago on his forehead.  Vienna started to cry and asked if she would have to go to the hospital. We are experienced in this. I told her probably. I grabbed Vienna and ran up the stairs. I put a towel on it and called Jaron. He was in San Francisco but said he would catch the next train home. This was at 1:30pm. I called the doctors and they said to come in and they would tell me what to do. Clark had only been asleep for a little while but I didn't have anyone to stay with him. So I woke him up and loaded the kids in the car. The doctor said it needed inner and outer stitches so he sent us to the emergency room. By this time Jaron had met up with us. There was a really nice PA who took care of Vienna. She put some numbing medicine on it and made us wait 30 minutes. It was so worth the wait. Vienna didn't even cry. Last time the doctor stitched her up when it wasn't numb and she was hysterical the entire time. After a couple inner stitches and four outer stitches we were on our way home. The PA said it should heal nicely. It is a straight line and with the inner stitches she won't have the dent like Clark does. I wish we would have known this for Clark. He now has a permanent dent on his forehead. So we survived. I was much calmer for this time around. I held Vienna snug in a blanket while they did it. The PA even complimented me on how well I did. It hit me later and I felt emotionally exhausted. It is so hard to be a mom and see bad things happen to your babies. Now my sweet little girl's forehead will have evidence of these nasty stairs. The ironic thing is we are moving in four days so we won't have to do these stairs any more. I knew they were going to be trouble. I am just thankful for good doctors. 
Another day in the life of a mom...