Sunday, August 15, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Well, its been quite some time since we posted. It might have something to do with moving three times since February. So here is a catch up to get us back into blogging. Since we moved home it hasn't seemed necessary to post since we see family more, but I love looking at other people's blogs, so we will continue to post. Anyways, here is our update...

1. In May we moved to Provo. Joni got a job from her old employee at Alpine Storage. They have apartments right off of the office. Joni and the kids run the office for a few hours in exchange for rent and utilities. Its a really good arrangement.

2. We went on a family vacation to Island Park. Joni's parents have a cabin there and they rented it to us for the week. It was just the four of us, Jaron, Joni, Vienna, and Clark, but we had a wonderful time.
Here we are at some stinky hot pots.
We went into West Yellowstone for the afternoon and watched Beauty and the Beast at the Playmill, which was so fun. Vienna and Clark got so into it that they laughed, cried, screamed, and cheered. They were almost more entertaining than the actors!
They were so excited to meet Belle and the Prince at the end.
It was colder and rainy while we were there so we lived in the hot tub.
Our two little fish
Here we are at Big Springs, the beginning of the river.
We also fed the fish and the birds.
Vienna feeding the animals.
The kids were suppose to be feeding the fish and birds, but they started eating the hot dog buns instead!

3. We went to Lagoon on my mom's Stake Lagoon Day. My parents came, along with my sister Millie and her family, and my brother JB and his family. It was a fun day.
Here is Clark and his cousin Truman. Vienna is in the back.
Vienna riding the boats. This is her last year to ride the boats because next year she will be too tall.

4. At the end of June a job came open at Alpine Storage at their Roy Facility. Though Jaron is working right now in Sandy, his company plans to relocate to South Weber. So we decided to move to Roy anticipating Jaron's companies move. It was a good move for us. We really like the apartment there. The shifts aren't as long as in Provo, so Joni and the kids are in the office less and it is nice to be close to home. We hope to be here for a few years because we are really enjoying our time.

5. We went to the Rodeo around the 24th of July. YEE HAW
Here are the BOYS
And the girls, Don't mind Vienna's deer in the headlights look.

6. We also went to the 24th of July Parade with my family. It was a great parade.

7. So we live in Roy now, Jaron commutes to Sandy, and things are going great. The kids really like living here and have adjusted well. We look forward to when Jaron's commute will be ten minutes, not an hour each way! Life is good!

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